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A creative studio with passion for excellence & unique creative ideas.

Our Story

Founded in 2011, DesignBug is the unique concept of Constantine Thanasakis who founded the studio in Athens, Greece. As a modern design studio it is always in a progress of constant renewal as it blurs the lines between commercial graphic design and art.

The strength of the studio is reflected in its portfolio showcase, always accepting various challenges, the portfolio highlights our graphic solutions with a confident actualization of every individual project. Focused on delivering everything that is expected and more, the studio strives to surpass client expectations in order to achieve a level of quality that becomes an art form in itself.

Specializing in brand identity, art direction and graphic design, our award winning designers also enjoy designing for the new multimedia frontier that is always changing, and all advertising campaign challenges that may arise. DesignBug was created to design, it exists to design, it strives to elevate design as an art form and it thrives on your challenges. DesignBug aims to deliver your visual needs with excellence, no matter what the project or the client.

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